Vivere, a fertility management and equity partner, has acquired Reconceived, LLC, the pioneer in providing patient experience training programs for the fertility industry.

From the initial patient interaction to fertility coaching and financial discussions, Reconceived’s customized and solution-based programming facilitates positive engagement through every step of the patient’s fertility journey. The company’s proven approach has generated as much as a 10 percent increase in patient retention in just six months following program launch.

A rapidly growing company with an expanding pipeline, Vivere’s acquisition of Reconceived is reflective of the company’s holistic view of fertility practice success – clinical, operation, business and patient experience. “This unique perspective, creates a competitive advantage – Vivere partner practices, on average, have achieved 25 percent four-year total cycle volume growth compared to a 14 percent average growth among the practices in the U.S.   Providing strong marketing strategies and an exceptional patient experience are key components to that success,” said Vivere President and Chief Executive Officer Debbie James.  “And we’re so excited to have Reconceived founder Lisa Duran join our senior leadership team as vice president and chief experience officer.”

“IVF patients face remarkably distinct and personal needs, requiring a highly personalized approach that can be difficult to maintain in a physician practice environment,” said Duran. “Vivere not only recognizes that need, but is committed to setting – and consistently raising – the gold standard in fertility patient excellence.”