Hear from our partners

Vivere is a vibrant and growing business that is defining new business models and establishing new expectations for fertility practice success. Hear more from our partners on how they have experienced the value of Vivere’s expertise and custom growth strategies.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Vivere. They have an impressive track record of growing businesses and providing high-quality clinical expertise to support the physician’s vision. We look forward to a long, successful relationship.

Robert Hunter, M.D.
Kentucky Fertility Institute

Vivere feels like an extension of our own practice. In the surgery center, you can’t tell which staff are Vivere and which are ours, since we all work together so seamlessly.

Craig Witz, M.D.
Houston Fertility Institute

Partnering with Vivere has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They have truly taken the time to understand the needs of the physician and have the support and infrastructure to help my practice become successful.

Christine Mansfield, M.D.
Arizona Reproductive Institute

We’ve been very successful with Vivere and I would highly recommend a partnership with them. They have the personnel, depth, knowledge of day-to-day operations and the experience to make any joint venture a success.

John Cole
CEO / Genesis OB/Gyn

Vivere has envolved me in the development of the project and the planning of how the facility is going to be used. I felt like it was individualized to this project and it wasn’t a cookie cutter approach.

Lindsay Wells, M.D.
Audubon Fertility

As a physician, I would encourage my colleagues to join Vivere as an opportunity to grow their practice and partner with one of the most exciting and ambitious endeavors in our field.

Mark Trolice, M.D.
Fertility CARE