SAB Research Grant Application

The Scientific Advisory Board of Vivere, is pleased to announce the availability of 3 grants of $10,000 each for reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellows whose research goals reflect the mission and goals of the board.

As an organization of clinical advisors dedicated to shaping the future of women’s health and reproductive medicine, we know how important continuing education is to our medical professionals. Our five-member board of fertility and reproductive health experts is able to provide these types of educational opportunities through support from our sponsor, Vivere a fertility management and equity partner.

The Scientific Advisory Board provides financial support, oversees medical research and sponsors scientific education to advance fertility care and meet the long-term reproductive health needs of physicians and patients nationwide.

The mission of the board is to bring young people to thought leaders by support of residents/fellows in scientific research and knowledge.

The goals of the board include:

  • support residents/fellow attendance at national meetings/programs;
  • support education programs;
  • support scientific research;
  • promote business aspects of SREI

Special consideration for the grants will be given to applicants that contain business or economic models to improve REI business practices.

Research Grant Application


If you have any questions regarding the Scientific Advisory Board grant application, please send us an email.