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Vivere Health has partnered with Conception Pharmacy, LLC to offer you a convenient, cost-effective source for fertility medications. Conception Pharmacy is a nationally recognized fertility pharmacy dedicated to providing the highest pharmacy quality, impeccable customer service and competitive pricing.

While you can take your prescriptions to any drug store, Conception Pharmacy offers you a team of dedicated professionals who understand your needs and are available to help you with your treatment plan. Plus, in many cases, Conception Pharmacy is a less expensive option than your local pharmacy. For your convenience, fertility medications are readily stocked so there is no need to special order them.

How does it work?

  1. Your physician faxes your prescription to Conception Pharmacy.
  2. Conception Pharmacy files a drug benefit with your insurance company, if you have fertility benefits.
  3. A patient care coordinator contacts you for collection of your co-pay or the cash payment for your prescription.
  4. Your medication is shipped to your home by UPS, free of charge. A packet is included with detailed information about your medication.
  5. After you receive your medication, a pharmacist is available to answer any questions you may have concerning your medications.

To learn more, visit conceptionpharmacy.net